MLKP Turkey/Kurdistan 

Dear comrades,

We salute the courageous struggle of Sudanese people led by their vanguard forces of which you are one of the most prominent ones. We convey our condolences for your losses yesterday after the bloodshed.
Similar political atmosphere is around in Middle East as our party MLKP also fight against the fascist chief regime led by Erdo ;and who is a close ally of Bashir.

We try to follow as much as possible the situation in Sudan and would like to contribute to your struggle with a spirit of proletarian internationalism.
The antifascist and anti-imperialist struggle today requires an international close relationship of revolutionary forces more than ever. Under these sharpening contradictions of the imperialist capitalist system, we, as communists, cannot avoid this international task. We would like to develop a revolutionary relationship between our parties. Thus, the 4th Middle East / West Asia Conference of ICOR, which is planned to tkae place in September will be a good step for us to get to know better.
Also, we are glad to present you the spring issue of Red Dawn.
In this issue, the results of the 6th Congress of MLKP and the 2nd Conference of KKÖ are held.
We hope you enjoy reading and expect your responses especially for the new theoretical approaches in our program. We hope that this documents will be a valuable contribution to the world communist and evolutionary movement.

You can reach the previous issues from our website:

Red greetings,

International Bureau
MLKP Turkey/Kurdistan

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