Appeal and Response


The president has declared a national state of emergency, dismissed the federal government and sacked state governors. The dictator appointed members of the army and security as replacement governors. Later it was announced that some key ministers will keep their offices like foreign affairs, defense and interior.

-In response to the declaration of state emergency, thousands of peaceful protesters took to the streets in capital, Omdurman, Khartoum North and other main cities around the country. They were met with excess force and scores of protesters were detained.

-This step came as a vain attempt to rescue the regime. It is a reflection of how weak and confused the president is. It underline the depth of the national crisis and the failure of the dictator to respond to the popular demand: to :to step down and power to the representative of the people.

_The crisis in the country is the result of the bankrupt policies of the regime, not the hundreds of ministers who were appointed and sacked. The only person who held office the coup of June 1989 is Omar AL Bashir.

_The opposition forces grouped in the Alliance for Freedom and Change have declared their rejection and condemnation to the president’s steps. It called on the masses to continue their protest action till the downfall of the regime its dismantling and liquidation.

_The SCP calls on all, its members and friends to remain vigilant and alert, to be in front lines of the protest movement, to defeat the hatched imperialist and reactionary conspiracies to abort the unity of the opposition forces and impose solutions that maintain the regime with limited changes. Furthermore to double their actions to demand the immediate release of all political detainees and form their popular democratic committees on basis, to help replace the existing pro regime organizations.

-To our fraternal friends, the communist and workers parties, we appeal to them to continue their solidarity and support and help release the political  detainees including the 15 members of the CC of the SCP.

Fathi Alfadl,

Spokesman of the CC,SCp



Earlier this week, PSL (The Party for Socialism and Liberation) held an action in Washington, D.C. outside the embassy of Sudan in solidarity with the mass protests and the Sudanese Communist Party. Click here to watch the demonstration video




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